Dear Members, If you would like to be added to the DDMFC round- robin email list please click the button below and include your BMFA number. By using this link you agree to your details being held on the club database and you will comply with the DDMFC data protection policy.
The e-mail subject should be " Keep me updated "

Please supply as much information as you can to enable us to reply quickly and give you the information you require.

Please do not use it as a means of contacting other members as there is no guarantee it will reach it's intended destination.

Clicking the button below labelled " DDMFC ENQUIRIES " will open your own email client for e.g outlook.

If you do not have an email client on your device you can contact us using this email address, can you also put in a subject heading otherwise your email could end up in our spam folder and not get read.


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