Electric Indoor Masters (Bradford) - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th February 2013.

Mark Parsonage.

Well done to Mark for his achievements at this event.

Heavy Lift & Electric Lift Challenge

Mark Parsonage.

The Heavy Lift and Electric Lift Challenges are competitions which require students to design, build and fly load-carrying model aircraft, piloted by radio control. These competitions are designed to stretch the abilities and talent of the students. The development of a good model requires each team to display design flair, technical knowledge and teamwork. Judging is by a panel of professional engineers.

Well done to Mark and his team for their achievements at this event.

PANDAS Single-Channel & Retro Radio Fly-In 16th June 2013

Click HERE to view a youtube clip of the event.

Neil Kendal

The prize giving is always a very light-hearted affair, with mugs and bottles of wine awarded for spot-landing, concours, and so on, but this year we had a very special prize indeed.

Andrew and Jill Boddington, son and wife of the sadly departed David Boddington, donated one of the "Boddo Mills" CS diesel engines.
This is a real jewel, but Andrew insisted that it should be put to use rather than collected (or, heaven forbid, ebay'ed!). As you all know we're very much in favour of 'use it for its intended purpose' and we were thrilled to award the prize to Neil Kendall, who not only flew a Diamond Demon using original 27Mhz Macgregor single-channel gear with an Elmic Compact escapement, but flew it very well and almost took the spot-landing too!

To be truthful - the award wasnt straightforward at all - we had a tie between Neil and his S/C Diamond Demon, and Alex Calderhead's DB Tyro, powered by a PAW 09 and having an Elmic Commander escapement driven by 2.4g S/C radio.

Both models were very well flown, well presented and reliable flyers, and so in the event a flip of the coin made the decision for us - to Neils elation, whilst Alex took a bottle of wine as a consolation to drown his sorrow !

Already plans are afoot for next year, we're going to try a change of date in an attempt to avoid a clash with national events, and we're also considering a second event later this year. No promises, but if we can, we will!
Shaun has suggested a glider slot, and also a novelty or unorthodox section for the less-conventional models of the period - remember the flying washboard? So, a fantastic day was had by all, many thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the next one!

Well done to Neil for his achievements at this event.

Jun 29-30 Triple Crown GBRCAA R/C Aerobatics.

Bob Wasson.

Well done to Bob and the England team for their achievements at this event.


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